Signal processing

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SAMI - Analysis, modeling and interpretation of signals

The group SAMI is engaged in basic and applied research in biomedical engineering. The main areas of interest are speech, biological signals, digital signal processing and machine learning with a focus on neurology, phoniatrics, speech therapy and physiology. The group supports quantitative multidisciplinarity. Research projects are conducted in cooperation with teaching hospitals, and the findings are used in  diagnosis and the evaluation of treatment.

Biomedical Electronics Group

The Biomedical Electronics research group deals with the design and implementation of hardware for biomedical applications and biological signal processing.

Biomedical and ecological applications of EM fields

The research team focuses on basic and applied research into the use of EM fields in the biomedical field and also on the research and development of applications of EM fields for new ecological industrial technology. Therapeutic and diagnostic applications of EM fields have been used in medicine since 1981.

Speech Processing Laboratory

Research topic

Signal processing

The Speech Processing Laboratory team deals with the analysis and processing of speech signals with a focus on systems of speech recognition and enhancement of speech for communication purposes. its current activities are directed primarily toward the recognition of continuous speech with a large vocabulary with a narrower focus on the processing of disturbed speech from a noisy environment or spontaneous talk, highlighting speech used in communication in a noisy environment or during the extraction of the symptoms for robust speech recognition noise disturbed speech.


prof. Ing. Roman Čmejla, CSc.

Department of Circuit Theory

Responsible person Ing. Mgr. Radovan Suk