Bachelor program EECS

The EECS is a bachelor program taught in English designed to provide undergraduate students with quality education, graduates will be prepared for master’s degree studies at universities in the Czech Republic as well as abroad.

Combining Electrical Engineering (EE) and Computer Science (CS) in one joint program has been motivated by a strong demand for interdisciplinary experts in information technologies, computer science and electrical engineering. Graduates from this EECS program will have a competitive advantage compared to students from traditional EE or CS study programs. EECS program integrates theoretical and practical training and cross- and transdisciplinary aspects into a 3 year program.

Study plans

Program characteristics

What is the EECS study programme about? Read the detailed characteristics.


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Branches of the programme

We offer wide variety of subjects which cover all necessary knowledge and technologies to allow our students to compete with even the highest requirements both in research and industry. To provide an efficient way to take classess in a complete and coherent manner, we introduce three branches of the programme, each aiming on one of the three main fields of study, in addition to the general compulsory courses. Students may fine-tune the study plan according to their preferences, together with the tutors.