Professor's lecture by Zdeněk Bečvář: Dynamic Resource Allocation in Mobile Networks

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On April 12th, Associate Professor Zdeněk Bečvář from the Department of Telecommunication Engineering will deliver a professorial lecture on Dynamic Resource Allocation in Mobile Networks on Wednesday in front of the Scientific Council of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. The public can watch the speech, which will start at 13:00, live on YouTube.

In 2015, Associate Professor Bečvář founded the 5Gmobile research lab. Since September 2021, he has been the head of 6Gmobile research lab. Scientists from the Department of Telecommunications Engineering are researching and developing the next generation of 6G mobile networks, which are expected to be launched around 2030. "Experiments confirm that it will be appropriate to use machine learning to manage communications in future networks with very high numbers of communicating devices, as traditional solutions used in, for example, 4G or 5G networks will not be able to manage such a future network in real-time due to the complexity of traditional solutions," explained Associate Professor Zdeněk Bečvář, when the Faculty of Electrical Engineering officially presented the new laboratory to the public.

According to Bečvář, mobile networks in the future will enable real-time transmission of holograms and, at the same time, increase the reliability of communication between cars in traffic, thus increasing their safety on the roads. The lab is also tackling many other current issues, such as the use of machine learning for advanced communication between terminals or the use of drones as flying base stations, which could help in a localised mobile network outage.

As of 2019, Associate Professor Bečvář has been ranked among the top two percent of scientists yearly in a ranking compiled by Stanford University. He is also the author of several patents.

Photo by Petr Neugebauer, SVTI FEL CTU

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