Program Minor has eleven new graduates from FEL CTU

For students

On October 5, graduates of the Minor program received a certificate that concluded their multi-year journey to deepen their technical, safety, and ethical understanding of artificial intelligence. This unique inter-university program combines the best of both CTU and Charles University curricula on AI. The ceremony was attended not only by the award-winning students, but also by leaders from the City of Prague and all participating faculties. Nine students from the CTU Faculty of Science graduated from the program this year, six of them went directly to the Mayor's residence where the ceremony took place to receive their certificates.

The Minor program consists of core courses in machine learning and AI taught at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Information Technology of CTU, Faculty of Social Sciences and Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of Charles University. In addition to the academic aspect of the programme, students also benefit from the opportunity to become part of a community of young people from various fields interested in artificial intelligence, to contribute to the formation of Prague's innovation ecosystem and to meet its drivers in person. Networking events and professional meetings with leading business representatives are an integral part of the programme. A total of 47 graduates have successfully completed the programme so far, and another 108 students are currently enrolled. Minor is open to all students of the participating universities and accepts over forty new talents every year, while the demand exceeds the current capacity several times over. Registration for the new cohort takes place in the spring of each year.

For FEL CTU, which was the most strongly represented in this year's edition in relation to other faculties, the programme was successfully completed by students Jakub Ambroz, Jakub Med, Marek Miltner, Jiří Němeček and Danil Semin. Magdalena Kůtová graduated in 2022, but she participated in the ceremony on

Responsible person Ing. Mgr. Radovan Suk