Werner von Siemens Awards 2024: The highest number of awards goes to students and supervisors from FEE CTU

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The Czech branch of Siemens awarded the Werner von Siemens Prizes 2023 to the best students, young scientists, and teachers. The first place in the number of awards went to the Czech Technical University in Prague, with all six awards going to the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the CTU. This is followed by the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (5 winners) and Brno University of Technology (3 winners), Palacký University in Olomouc and Masaryk University (2 winners each), Charles University and the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice (1 winner each). The expert juries selected winners from 496 applications, 20 awardees shared one million crowns. Women accounted for 29% of the total entries and 25% of the prize winners. Along with the students, the supervisors and mentors of their work also received a prize.

The award for excellence in women's scientific work and the Werner von Siemens Award for second place in the category Best Thesis went to Ing. Ekaterina Yaroslavtseva from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague for her thesis entitled New algorithm for coupling 3D energy deposits based on graph neural networks for the CMS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. Ekaterina Yaroslavtseva's thesis deals with applying artificial intelligence in particle physics research. The award-winning student developed an artificial intelligence model that scientists at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) use to analyze particle interactions at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). The leader of her work was Prof. Mgr. Ondřej Chum, Ph.D. from the Visual Recognition Centre of the FEL CTU.

The Werner von Siemens Award for the best graduate thesis on Industry 4.0 was awarded to Ing. Erik Derner, Ph.D., from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague for his Efficient Methods for Model Learning and Control in Robotics dissertation.

In the best dissertation category, the 2nd prize went to Ing. Vojtěch Spurný, Ph.D. with his thesis Complex system for fast and reliable deployment of cooperating autonomous aircraft. His thesis was developed in the group of Multirobotic Systems at the Department of Cybernetics, FEL CTU. Ing. Martin Saska, Dr. rer. Nat. Ing. Vojtěch Spurný was also second in the Industry 4.0 category.

"In the twenty-sixth year of the competition, we have awarded quite extraordinary works and personalities," said Eduard Palíšek, CEO of Siemens Czech Republic. "It's not just about outstanding workmanship, but above all about the themes of the winning entries, which focus on pressing problems for humanity: how to deal with multi-drug resistant bacteria, how to better understand the circadian rhythms that affect everyone's life, and mental health, or how to use drone groups to deal with crises," Palíšek explained. "The next edition of the competition clearly showed that students, as well as the teachers of our universities, are achieving results comparable to the world's best," he added. 

About the Werner von Siemens Award

The Werner von Siemens Award has been organized for 26 years by Siemens in partnership with prominent representatives of universities and the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, who are also the guarantors of the individual categories and participate in the evaluation of the best works. This year, 60 experts, representatives of academia, and non-profit organizations sat on independent juries. In terms of its scope, the amount of financial rewards, and its history, the Werner von Siemens Prize is one of the most important independent initiatives of this kind in the Czech Republic.

The 26th edition of the awards was held under the auspices of Prime Minister Petr Fiala, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, and the Minister of Science Research and Innovation. The partners of the competition are Siemens Mobility s.r.o., Siemens Advanta, and Zátiší Group.

Photos, winners' medallions and other documents for download:

Responsible person Ing. Mgr. Radovan Suk