The POSTER 2024 conference featured dozens of student projects

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The Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Prague-Dejvice hosted another year of the student scientific conference POSTER on Thursday 23 May. The event aims to enable university students to present their first research papers and develop professional contacts. An expert jury also awarded the best papers in eight categories at the conference.

"Poster is a conference where students can experience the whole process of preparing a paper to preparing a poster and presenting it. This pedagogical aspect is therefore important for beginners in scientific circles,” said Dr. Libor Husník from the Department of Radioelectronics at FEE CTU on behalf of the organizing team. 

"Of course, it's also about meeting colleagues from similar and other fields so that they are not just in their own bubble. There's also a competition for the best poster presentation, with prizes. The evaluation, i.e. the debate with the evaluators, is also good feedback on their work," emphasized Dr. Husník. 

The jury judged 50 papers this year, compared to 49 last year. Most, namely 11, papers are in the History of Science and Technology section, followed by Biomedical Engineering with nine papers and Natural Sciences with seven. There are six papers each in the Power Engineering, Electronics and Instrumentation categories, five in the Informatics and Cybernetics section, four papers fall under Management and two are on Communications. Details of the programme can be found on the website

According to Dr. Husník, in addition to students from FEE, the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering of CTU and the Faculty of Information Technology of CTU, as well as Charles University, UCT Prague, and from foreign universities, RWTH Aachen, TU Darmstadt and the University of Žilina are represented. This year the 28th edition of the conference will take place. 

Photo: Petr Neugebauer

Results of the Best Poster Award

Biomedical Engineering

1.       Emily Reinhold: Optimised Electrode Arrangement for 3D Image Reconstruction Using a Miniature EIT Sensor

1         Daniel Blase, Pu Xie: Budy Surface Region Detection in Wound Images using Deep Learning

1         Vladimíra Solarová, Šimon Walzel: Effect of short-term hypoxia and hypercapnia on perfusion index

2         Lukáš Rak: Analysis of gas leakage from breathing circuit during outdoor breathing experiments

3         Jannik Prüßmann: Simulation of Physiological Motion Artifacts in Capacitive Electrocardiography


1.       Tizian Dege, Ahmad Khalil: Enabling adaptive perception model training for adverse conditions

2.       Robert Schmitt, Carolin Breuer: The Influence of Realistic Background Noise on Auditory Selective Attention


Electronics and Instrumentation

1.       Hendrik Stork: Influence of Battery Cell Parameters on its High Frequency Impedance

2.       Petr Zakopal, Jakub Kucera, Filip Baum:

3.       Antonín Gazda: Condenser Microphone with Sigma-Delta Conversion - EK

4.       David Ringsmuth: Condenser microphone with segmented fixed electrode - EK


History of Science and Technology

1.       Martin Dominik Hrtus: Advertising presentation of household electrical appliances in the Czechoslovak press in the 1930s – EEM (katedra ekonomiky, manažerství a humanitních věd)

1         Jorge Alonso Rodriguez Ortiz: Business is business: controversies surrounding Colombia's arms purchase from Škoda in 1934-1936

2         David Knespl: Cast Iron Tower Clockworks Manufacturing and the Role of Prague Polytechnic – ekonomiky, manažerství a humanitních věd

2         David Pazdera: Topographic Representation of Changes in the Dislocation of Czechoslovak Small Arms Production in 1945–1968

3         Nico Blass, Florian Voss: Fostering Success: The History of Incubators

3     Daniel Kyselka: Military Chemical Institute 1919-1939 – ekonomiky, manažerství a humanitních věd

4         Amani Mansouri: Computerization in Tunisia and Engineer Training (1980-2005): Archival Study at the University of Lorraine, Nancy.

Informatics and Cybernetics

1.       Thorsten Tegetmeyer-Kleine: Enhancing Nano-CT Image Analysis of Lithium-Ion Batteries through CycleGAN-based Semantic Segmentation with Limited Labeled Data


1.       Marek Miltner, Ondřej Štogl: Analysis of Electric Vehicle Public Charging Patterns in Prague – ekonomiky, manažerství a humanitních věd, Ekonomika energetiky a elektrotechniky (DCEEE)

2.       Wojciech Belch: Property Ownership and Attitudes towards Energy Sharing in Czechia

3.       Ondřej Štogl, Marek Miltner: Vehicle-to-Grid: A Potential Keystone for Grid Flexibility

4.       Martin Tichý, Marek Miltner, Ondřej Štogl: Risks and Barriers Overview of Power Purchase Agreements in the European Context


Natural Sciences

1.       Aneta Furmanová: Acoustic transmission modelling in locally periodic structures employing machine learning

2.       Sherran Raj Arangkulavan: Pseudo-2-dimensional (P2D) Modeling of Electrochemical Prelithiation

3.       Jana Berger, Julia Seitz: How effortful is listening for different background noises?

Power Engineering

1.       Filip Baum: Dual-Inverter Topology: Capabilities, Limitations and Perspectives

2.       Tim Falkenstein: A Comparative Analysis of Parallel and Serial Configurations for Lithium-Ion Batteries in Home Energy Storage Systems

3.       Kusuma Priya Krovi: Reduction of Negative Voltage Spike for SiC based MOSFET Circuit


Rohde Schwarz Award

Hendrik Stork: Influence of Battery Cell Parameters on its High Frequency Impedance


Responsible person Ing. Mgr. Radovan Suk