Learn integrated circuit design from the best experts. Professors from Taiwan to lecture at CTU FEE summer school

For students

Taiwan is the world leader in chip manufacturing and testing and number two in semiconductor memory. The Summer School of Advanced Integrated Circuit Design, organized by CTU FEE in cooperation with the Taiwan Semiconductor Research Institute from 17 to 29 June 2024, will offer forty students a great opportunity to get a glimpse of what teaching by the best looks like: lectures will be given by Professors Poki Chen and Lih-Yeh Chiou from the prestigious institutions - NTUST and NCKU.

"Taiwanese professors bring experience directly from the source. Their universities are linked to the largest chip manufacturers in the world and their students will encounter the real process of chip manufacturing during their studies," says Dr. Vladimír Janíček from the Department of Microelectronics at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of CTU, which organizes practical and theoretical classes in its laboratories.

The two-week course covers the application areas of analogue and digital circuit design and thus builds on the basic courses taught as part of the classical studies at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. However, it is intended for a wider range of interested students. "We are targeting all those interested in integrated circuit design outside the Czech Republic who have at least basic knowledge of chip design. Our aim is to show that the design process is basically a very simple matter, where current powerful computers and good design software will do most of the work for us," explains Dr. Janíček.

The summer school at the CTU FEE is a pilot course transferring the unique knowledge of colleagues from Taiwan with the aim of extending their impact on European students, building on the recently signed Memorandum of Cooperation between CTU and Taiwan Semiconductor Research Institute - TSRI. The two entities have also entered into an agreement on "Cultivating Talent in IC Design". Among other things, the agreement provides for the training of CTU students at a TSRI training research centre to be established on the premises of CTU. After five years, more than 500 students should be trained in this way. CTU should also ensure research cooperation with other selected European universities, with research and teaching to be fully funded by Taiwan.

Responsible person Ing. Mgr. Radovan Suk