Characteristics of BIO study programme

The study programme Medical Electronics and Bioinformatics (BIO) emphasises theoretical knowledge and practical insight into medical technology, image and signal processing and medical device design. Graduates of this program can use logical reasoning to invent, design, and commission medical devices and sophisticated instruments. That is why they are in high demand across medical and technical disciplines.

Informatics in detail

The BIO study programme combines biology, medicine, computer science and electronics knowledge. The use of electronics and informatics is now standard practice in diagnosing and treating diseases and will continue to develop in the future. The Medical Electronics and Bioinformatics degree programme prepares you to work in development and analysis teams dealing with medical electronics and software and in healthcare facilities.

Care for human health

Students in the BIO study programme are systematically guided to keep up with the times, adapt to change at lightning speed, and respond appropriately. Being able to solve tricky problems in healthcare operations or to change planned medical schemes literally on the fly is just an essential list of the abilities of the graduates of this degree programme.

Emphasis on biomedical knowledge

BIO offers students excellent job prospects, extensive medical knowledge, and many study opportunities. As a result of the studies, students gain a broad theoretical understanding and practical insight into medical technology, bioinformatics, and the design of medical devices and applications.

Learning style

We focus on theory and practice. You can choose from exciting and high-quality courses in BIO and other study programmes of the faculty. Students will learn to design medical systems and construct medical devices or their components, as well as the functional principles of electronic components and integrated circuits.

What you will learn

  • The procedures for efficient processing and analysis of different signals and image processing: You will be able to understand the individual systems as an interconnected whole.
  • How healthcare facilities, research or development teams, and various management work.
  • Process data and evaluate it statistically.
  • Use machine learning and artificial intelligence methods.
  • Acquire and process information from biosensors and human body signals. 
  • Master the analysis of 2D/3D images from medical imaging.
  • You will gain a good foundation for independent scientific work.

Modern medical devices

In the BIO study programme you will learn how to operate modern medical devices at a high level. You'll use this in day-to-day operations and in designing medical devices and programs that will help (and save lives) people for many years to come.

Development of new medical technologies

You will learn how to combine technical and scientific disciplines. Medicine is advancing by leaps and bounds, and new technologies are making diagnosing and establishing the proper treatment more accessible for doctors. You will be involved in developing medical devices and measurement programs that will take the field of human health care to the next level.

Cooperation with important subjects

BIO research institutes closely cooperate with other universities (e.g., the 1st Faculty of Medicine and the 2nd Faculty of Medicine of the Charles University), with important clinical institutes such as VFN in Prague, IKEM, FN Motol, Na Homolce Hospital, with institutes of the Czech Academy of Sciences (Institute of Informatics, Institute of Physiology) and with major international companies in this field.

Solving complex problems

You have a unique opportunity to combine theoretical and practical knowledge in cooperation with top medical institutions. By gaining an in-depth understanding of biotechnology, you will learn to solve complex interdisciplinary problems professionally and comprehensively - to understand physicians, find resources, use technology effectively, and invent and translate technical solutions into practice.

What else does BIO offer?

  • Equipped laboratories with modern instruments and experiments.
  • Opportunity to combine theoretical and practical knowledge in cooperation with top medical departments.
  • A chance to understand biotechnology in depth.
    Understand data analytics and statistics.
  • You will learn to solve complex interdisciplinary problems - to understand physicians, find resources, use technology effectively, and invent and translate technical solutions into practice.

  • Opportunity to find employment in corporate research labs and development centers.

  • Program end-user applications and create industrial electrical devices.

Why study at FEE CTU

We combine electronics and computer science in all study programmes of our faculty. Soldering irons, ones and zeros. We teach you how to invent, build and program things. With an emphasis on individual approach, timeless education and 100% employment immediately after graduation.

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