9 reasons to study for a PhD at FEE CTU in Prague

Thanks to doctoral studies at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, you can fully devote yourself to the technological field that became your passion in the previous years of your studies.

What possibilities and opportunities await you?

1. Above-standard scholarship

The typical average net income (in the 20-80 percentile range) during the standard period of full-time doctoral studies is 35 - 52 thousand EUR. CZK/month, which corresponds to a gross income of 44 - 67 thousand CZK/month. CZK/month.

2. First-class supervisors

You can expect to work with experienced scientists and researchers who have had many international experiences, research projects, published scientific articles and recorded citations (high h-index). They will be helpful and inspiring guides in your scientific career. At the same time, they often work closely together on commercial or public projects. With them, you don't have to worry about drawer science.

According to the ranking of the best institutions in Computer Science, our faculty's computer scientists are among the top in Europe in their chosen fields. In the field of computer vision (Computer Vision), it ranks among the top four European institutions in the evaluation of scientific results in the period 2018 to 2021. 

3. Top laboratory equipment

State-of-the-art equipment enables our research teams to stay one step ahead and co-create the world of future technologies in addition to the challenges of the day.

4. Ideal conditions for research

Thanks to grant projects and successful scientific results, our research teams have no problem covering the costs associated with ambitious challenges and plans.

The supporting and interesting topics discussed in the lectures, the emphasis on practical testing of everything you learn in the theoretical sessions, the encouragement of scientific engagement and the individual approach. All of this provides ideal conditions for research and preparation for future technical applications.

5. High quality publications

Writing a scientific article is a traditional part of doctoral studies. The advantage of writing it at the FELU is that it will not get lost in the mass of other texts. Your article will not only be published in leading scientific publications, but also in the mass media. Even your grandmother will hear about the latest research in the field of nanoparticles on TV.

6. Established scientific groups

Throughout their PhD studies, PhD students are part of renowned scientific groups whose work is covered by journalists and other media around the world. By gaining a good name and reputation during your undergraduate studies, you will set the stage for your upcoming research activities.

7. Award-winning teams and individuals

As part of your PhD studies, you will be exposed to research teams that are awarded at international competitions of the highest quality. Our students regularly claim success at global competitions such as DARPA, Alexa and the Josef Fourier Prize, and you will soon be one of them.

8. Results visible in practice

Research at FEL is independent, but at the same time it is focused on current societal challenges, so there is a good chance that it can reach the mainstream market very soon. Research is often initiated by R&D (research and development) companies, we also sell licenses of our own inventions and support the further development of spin-off projects or start-ups with a faculty background.

9. International cooperation and success

Doctoral studies at FELU are marked by international collaborations. English at a high level is a must, as the research teams you will be part of are mostly international, projects often have international overlap and success, and conferences are held all over the world.

What the numbers say in 2021


of all CTU's scientific output comes from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering


the largest research institute in the Czech Republic (according to the current evaluation of the Government Council for Research and Development)


scientific articles published in 2021

9 956 x

scientific publications resulting from the faculty's research activities were cited in 2021


PhD student per supervisor on average, which guarantees an individual approach


licenses were sold for commercial exploitation in 2021


patents registered

Sound good?

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Responsible person RNDr. Patrik Mottl, Ph.D.