Combining technical and economic education

The Electrical Engineering, Power Engineering, and Management programme (EEM) prepares you for technical and managerial positions in the energy industry.

Moreover, with knowledge from EEM study programme, you can influence the direction of electromobility and the future of energy in general. New trends in energy and electromobility are an essential part of the study.

Electrical Engineering, Power Engineering and Management (EEM)

The EEM study programme is divided into two specialisations - one technical and the other technical-economic. You will gain knowledge of electrical engineering, materials, and machinery in both specializations. With a solid foundation in mathematics and physics, you will understand the principles of energy production, transmission, and use. In addition, you will learn how electricity trading works in the economic specialization.

Study optiones

What projects do we deal with?

You will soon get to practical tasks at EEM based on the necessary theory. You will learn how electricity is generated and transmitted. You will learn about the types and behaviour of electrical machines, inverters and drives. You will become familiar with controlling the operation and production of energy in power plants. You will focus on the economic issues of the power industry - pricing, hedging, emission allowances, etc.


Responsible person Ing. Mgr. Radovan Suk