V. Slesarenko (University of Freiburg) Mechanical metamaterials: generative design and active ...

Termín: 17. 5. 2023
Odkaz: Odkaz na web
Mechanical metamaterials continue to fascinate researchers with their unique properties and unconventional behavior. Simultaneously, while designing the metamaterials with the desired properties remains a pretty challenging task, it becomes more accessible thanks to the development of generative machine learning. In this talk, I will show a relatively simple strategy enabling the generation of mechanical and elastic metamaterials with the help of curvy beams. Moving from properties to functionalities, I will discuss metamaterials capable of altering their behavior due to active elements, magnetic interactions or topological changes arising during the deformation. Combining machine learning with non-linear mechanical phenomena might open new avenues in designing the next generation of active and reconfigurable metamaterials.

17.05.2023, 14.00 - 14.45, Room B-366 @ Thákurova 7, 166 29 Prague 6

Za stránku zodpovídá: Ing. Mgr. Radovan Suk