O skupině

About us

CEM group concentrates on theoretical research in classical electromagnetic theory with an emphasis on the computational aspects. Currently developed topics include radiation properties of electrically small radiators and scatterers, fundamental bounds, and inverse design. Members of the group have for many years been also involved in classical antenna theory and field propagation in artificial materials.

Current research activities are strongly entangled with a “source concept” paradigm, in which field observables operate over electromagnetic sources, which are the system variables often represented in finite-dimensional bases. The emphasis is placed on the development of original computational codes based on this paradigm.

CEM group members offer variety of topics for final projects and maintain extensive library of booksrelated to classical and quantum electromagnetism, antenna theory, and numerical modeling. The team periodically participates in workshops. We like MATLAB, LaTeX, Beamer, and TikZ.

Za stránku zodpovídá: RNDr. Patrik Mottl, Ph.D.